Special Kabab

Al Ustad Special Kabab, Dubai

  • February 22, 2021

Al Ustad Special Kabab, Dubai. Finding Al Ustad Special Kabab was full of struggles, because of taking the wrong bus I had to be stranded in the arid border area of ​​Dubai and Sharjah. Good thing I was able to come back to town again after asking a few people. I got lost because I followed the recommended GPS guide to take the bus; even though Al Ustad Special Kabab is easier to reach from the Al Fahidi Metro exit 4.

Arriving at Al Ustad Special Kabab, I was immediately amaze to see the crowd of visitors who came. These visitors were willing to line up at the exit, including me, who was willing to wait 30 minutes to get a seat. The seating capacity is actually a lot, but because it coincides with lunch time, the restaurant is very crowd. Please understand because this restaurant is a compulsory culinary that must be visited by tourists.

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Al Ustad Special Kabab Menu

Al Ustad Special Kabab has a mainstay menu of kababs or kebabs. I immediately ordered two portions due to hunger, my order was Joujeh Kabab and mix4. This joujeh kabab is mince mutton with 3 kebabs, prata bread and potatoes, for the mix 4 there are 2 kebabs, 2 chicken, rice and margarine. The price is quite expensive between 25 dirhams to 34 dirhams, but it is comparable to the price of goats in Dubai which is indeed expensive.

The taste of the kebabs is different from those in Indonesia; the kebabs in this restaurant are make from ground mutton; grill and then fry lengthwise. In Indonesia; it is usually just grill and then thinly slice ​​and put into roll prata bread. The kebab looks oily and the mutton tastes a lot, it’s a bit difficult to explain how delicious it is; because the aroma; texture and taste are unique; especially if it’s dip in margarine (they call it yogurt) it’s getting more delicious.

My advice is that if you go to Al Ustad Special Kabab you don’t need to take the chicken because the specialty is Kabab. My regret after going to Al Ustad Special Kabab because I tried this culinary delicacy on the last day before I left for the airport for my return trip, if you know it tastes good, I will definitely come twice.

Dubai Culinary Food

Dubai Culinary Food And Delights

  • February 15, 2021

Dubai Culinary Food And Delights. Every time I make a travel plan, I’m always excited to include a culinary list. Even when I left for Dubai, I was ready with a list of halal culinary delights that I should explore later. Yes, I don’t want to go home traveling, my body becomes thin or looks like I am suffering from backpacker in other countries.

If you have ever gone to Hajj or Umrah, you will definitely know what the taste of Arabic food is like… Sometimes there are some food flavors that don’t match the taste of Indonesians, some in my opinion are bland, sour and some that really make me addicted to it. Pens, right?

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Culinary Food at Al Tajaz, Dubai

Al Tajaz is Dubai’s fast food. The menu is not only fried chicken but also Indian-style menus such as chicken bath and chicken tikka complete with biryani rice. Arabic menus such as kebabs, kabsah, and satay. Typical fast food menus such as nuggets, burgers, potatoes and fried chicken.

I tried the Kabsa Al Tajaz menu for 26 dirhams; it contain Kabsa rice, 4 pieces of chicken and a glass of coke. This menu is typical Arabic rice make from brasmati rice boil in a goat / beef broth, he says; is a favorite of Arabs. Then 4 chickens which made me quite full of rich Arabic spices. Yes, it’s similar to kebuli rice which usually uses goat but this uses chicken.

The menu the next day I ordered the tajaz breast combo for 22 dirhams. It contained two prata breads, 4 friend chicken, potatoes and a glass of coke. After a few days of rarely eating fried foods, eating chicken in Tajaz tastes delicious, the spices and aroma are Arabic but still enter my Indonesian tongue. Fast food KFC, Mc D or burger king loses to Tajaz, I really recommend Al Tajaz when I’m in Dubai.

Culinary at Ravi Restaurant

In the land of people, if you are confuse about finding food that matches Indonesian cuisine, you will definitely go to Indian food. Actually I don’t really like Indian cuisine because it’s too strong in spices and the menu is always rich in curry. But even though I don’t like it, Indian cuisine is always the last choice when abroad, like in Dubai I went to Ravi Restaurant which is a Pakistani menu.

In my opinion, Pakistani menu is also not far from the taste of Indian menus. Ravi Restaurant is very well known in Dubai, often cover by magazines and television. Not only local people who come, but tourists who are mostly foreigners meet this restaurant. Also, I usually don’t like Indian-style food until I came twice because it was cheap and the taste matched.

I am still curious about the Chicken Tikka at Ravi Restaurant which is famous to be “Best Chicken Tikka…” in Dubai, finally the next day I return to this restaurant. Order me biryani rice with 8 dirham chicken tikka + 10 dirham biryani rice. Chicken Tikka with a super strong spicy taste, the chicken is fried first then grill. It tastes like chicken satay, but with spices.

My regret at the Ravi restaurant for ordering a typical Dubai salad. I really ordered a vegetable salad with yogurt that many visitors ordered. The taste is really zonk, this super salty yogurt makes me grimace. Apart from choosing the wrong salad menu at Ravi restaurant, in my opinion, it is a must-visit because it is famous and the taste doesn’t disappoint. (Dubai Culinary Food)

Ricaraja, Legendary Culinary

Central Java (Indonesia) Legendary Culinary

  • February 8, 2021

Cepu Legendary Culinary, Central Java. Cepu, which is known as oil and gas, is a small district. Cepu District is directly adjacent to Padangan District in Bojonegoro, East Java. There are many legendary Cepu culinary delights, but sometimes those in Padangan are often referred to as cepu culinary such as Sate Ayu, Ikan Bakar Klotok and Lesehan Moro Tresno. In this edition, I am specifically discussing the legendary culinary delights in Cepu.

Mak Wing Food Stalls Culinary

It is said that Warung Makan Wing has been established since 1955. The owner is now the 3rd generation. My father-in-law said, it tastes the same, which was a bit different before, but now it’s still delicious. So if you go to the Mak Wing Food Stall, get ready at a high price, for mixed rice between 25k-30k. I even read on Google Reviews that Warung Makan Mak Wing is a joke for the upper class.

Although it is expensive, the taste of mixed rice and tamarind rice is indeed delicious. A portion of mixed rice consists of yellow noodles, pickles + potatoes, and beef krengsengan. The tamarind is also very fresh. At that time I bought it to take home, then wrapped it in banana leaves.

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The Legendary Culinary of Nasi Pecel Bu Ratno

The location of Nasi Pecel Bu Ratno, which has been around since 1998, is somewhat unique. If you take a car, you have to get off in front of the alley, then walk about 200 meters to arrive at Nasi Pecel Bu Ratno. Yes, exactly in the village complex. If you weren’t a Cepu resident, you wouldn’t know the exact location if you didn’t ask people first.

Nasi Pecel Bu Ratno is one of the culinary references for pecel at night with opening hours from 8pm to 1am. Entering the small shop, you will see an abundance of side dishes. His favorites are in the lungs, beef tripe and his signature tempeh. The price makes you feel moved, for example, pecel rice with lungs, around 17 thousand.

As an East Javanese, what I like about Bu Ratno’s Nasi Pecel is that the pecel has peanut brittle. Yes peanut brittle is mandatory for me because in Cepu the average pecel is not prioritize.

Sredek chicken noodles look like the typical Suroboyo chicken noodles with a blue cart. A portion of sredek chicken noodles consists of yellow noodles, oily brown broth and chopped chicken along with abundant spring onions. This sredek chicken noodle soup tastes sweet, as is the minced chicken. If you are a true East Java person, it will not match the sweet taste, but if you are a Central Java person, that’s fine. For the price of around 10 thousand.

Melaka Culinary

Melaka Culinary Delights

  • February 5, 2021

Melaka Culinary Delights. Tangka Lembu, To get to this Soup Tangkak Lembu, I have to take a grab first, the cost from our hotel on Jonker Walk to Sup Tangkak Lembu is RM 7. The Tangkak Lembu soup is my last breakfast menu in Melaka and leaves an impression of being satisfy with the taste.

Tangkak Lembu soup is a halal culinary favor by many local people. It’s not 9:00 in the morning so it’s really suitable for breakfast. The menu choices are beef noodle, mix beef noddle which mixes meat and jerohan such as tripe, mix soup mix with meat, jerohan and meatballs. Each menu can choose yellow noodles or rice noodles.

We all chose the beef soup menu with vermicelli noodles. Our choice was not wrong because the broth was tasty, a stew of meat broth and the meat was soft and thick in size. The broth is clear in color and has a strong soy sauce in the broth, it tends to be sweet and salty. The vermicelli also match the broth perfectly. The proportion of RM 8.5 is pocket-friendly 🙂

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Melaka’s Bibik Cendol

Many say that Melaka is hot. It is true that Melaka is scorching hot, it is not wrong if hotel employees say that Melaka residents have their ramen after 3 pm. I was recommended by a hotel employee to taste the typical Melaka Cendol Bibik which is located not far from our hotel Jonker Inn.

This Cendol bibik has the menu for Cendol Original RM 7 and Cendol Durian RM 8. If the appearance is similar to puter ice with shaved ice up to the top of the bowl. It contains red beans, shaved ice is placed on top of it until it mounts, then there is thick coconut milk and brown sugar. The seller then told me that the cendol should be added after the ice melts. The cendol itself is placed in a separate small place.

Because we can’t wait, before the ice melts, the cendol is already put in the bowl. Yes, consequently a lot of water overflows out of the bowl. Either because of the stinging effect of the heat, this cendol taste is truly delicious. Its thick coconut milk that makes it taste salty combined with the sweetness of brown sugar is its trademark. The durian taste also blends into the cendol taste. Anyway, you really have to taste Bibik Cendol if you go to Melaka. (Melaka Culinary Delights)

The best Restaurant in Melaka

The best Restaurant in Melaka

  • February 4, 2021

The best Restaurant in Melaka. What’s the meaning of a vacation without culinary delights, especially with an alibi while on vacation so you have to try typical but halal culinary. One of the places that have become my target is halal culinary in Melaka. As a city that was once a Portuguese colony, this area has many non-Muslim religions. One of the challenges is finding halal culinary in Melaka.

In fact, there are still a lot of halal culinary in Melaka. So, the best culinary restaurant that I taste in Melaka is:

Pak Putra Restaurant; The Best Restaurant in Melaka

When I was in Melaka, I stayed right in the Jonker Walk area which is famous for its Night Market. Pak Putra Restaurant is located about 300 meters walk out of the Jonker Walk. At that time I used GPS assistance and arrived at this restaurant easily.

As a restaurant that has become a “jujugan” for culinary lovers in Melaka, if you go to Pak Putra Restaurant you have to wait patiently in line. About 15 minutes I just got a seat in the outdoor area which is the target of many people.

actually I am not a lover of Indian cuisine, and often avoid Indian cuisine because I think it has too much spice. But because many have recommended it, I finally became curious.

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The Menu in this restaurant

I ordered a menu of 2 Tandoori Chicken, 2 Briyani Rice, 2 Naan Bread, Butter Chicken and Nasi Lemak for a total of around RM 50. In my opinion the price is affordable because the proportioned tandoori chicken which is priced at RM 11 consists of 2 medium sized pieces of chicken that can accommodate 2 people .

Tandoori Chicken tastes similar to grilled chicken but the recipe and aroma is typical of Indian cuisine. Yes, I admit it tastes good and soft. I see the cook burnt in the stove.

The Butter Chicken for RM 12 also tastes good, consisting of tandoori chicken which is cut into pieces but the seasoning is rich in butter. Naan bread which is India’s mainstay is also really soft, especially dipped in the curry spices. Each briyani rice also gets a curry soup for complement. The point is you won’t regret culinary delights at Pak Putra Restaurant Melaka.

Portugese Grilled fish

Portuguese Grilled Fish in Kuala Lumpur

  • February 3, 2021

Portuguese Grilled Fish in Kuala Lumpur. Cheap Seafood Culinary in Kuala Lumpur. That night when I arrived at the hotel, my stomach rumbled with hunger, even though the clock was already 8:00 p.m. I want anti-mainstream culinary and seafood. If you hear about seafood, you will think it’s expensive, especially abroad. Uh, but after browsing, I immediately found cheap seafood culinary in Kuala Lumpur (Portuguese Grilled Fish).

Portuguese Grilled Fish is located in the petaling area a.k.a Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur. Open from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. (midnight) is perfect for night culinary lovers who are not afraid of fat hehehe.

Menu in Portuguese Grilled Fish

Because it is a seafood shop, the menu also includes seafood such as cuttlefish, stingrays, shrimp, and shellfish. In Malaysia, the clams are also called lala 🙂

In one menu consists of mixed seafood up to 2, 3, and 4 kinds of seafood wrapped in aluminum paper. I chose the small sotong + prawns and sotong + lala. For the small ones, the average price is 11-14 Ringgit. Not much different, the price is the same in Indonesia.

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Very Satisfied eating the Portuguese Grilled Fish

As usual, the blogger’s soul immediately came out when I was culinary, I saw the seller mix every seafood wrapped in this aluminum foil paper.

In front of the seller’s uncle, there are spices that have been blended, so the seafood that is placed on aluminum foil is in the middle of a banana leaf sheet, then the spices are poured. After that it is roasted in the stove with hot coals. It seems that our culinary time was lucky because the atmosphere was not crowded, because several times I read several blogs usually had to queue up to an hour.

When I opened the aluminum foil, the aroma and steam rose immediately. The sauce is thick and the spices are strong. He said that Portuguese Grilled Fish is known for its spicy taste, but in my opinion, the spiciness is still normal compared to penyetan in Surabaya.

The seasoning is to perfect

There are sweet, spicy and savory flavors. Each menu has the same seasoning, what makes it different is the content. The contents are also not stingy if you want to save the small size for two people.

The taste of seafood with the seasoning is combined … there is no fishy smell at all. Most like cuttlefish and shellfish which taste chewy. The best thing is the seafood here.

One more thing that is characteristic of this shop is that there are vegetable ingredients that we don’t know about. I was playing riddles with my friends and husband. Intrigued, finally asked the seller, it turns out that the vegetable is a lady finger if in Indonesia the name is okra. While in Indonesia okra is rarely cooked for extra food, but it is said that in Malaysia it is a favorite vegetable.

Okra does dominate in aluminum foil, which makes us curious, because when it is mixed with seafood spices, the original taste of vegetables does not come out because it combines with the sweet and salty spices. Overall, if you go to Kuala Lumpur, don’t forget to “Cheap seafood culinary in Kuala Lumpur (Portuguese Grilled Fish)” guaranteed your pockets will stay safe 🙂

Typical Medan Souvenirs

Typical Souvenirs from Medan Indonesia.

  • February 2, 2021

Typical Souvenirs from Medan Indonesia. Did you guys ever been to Medan ? Medan is the biggest city in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Medan have various souvenirs to buy for, and the food souvenirs in Medan are quite famous. Here are those list:

Roti Ganda and Enting-Enting Medan

If we finish our tour from Lake Toba, to return to Medan, we usually pass through Pematang Siantar city. The second largest city after Medan in North Sumatra Province can be reach in about; 1 hour from Parapat and about 4 hours drive to Medan. Almost all tourists always don’t miss Pematang Siantar to hunt for souvenirs.

In Pematang Siantar City, one of the foods that is double bread. The bread that has a very simple center, which contains srikaya jam, and chocolate sprinkles tastes very good, the simplicity of this bread often makes people curious. The price is very affordable, with a price of around Rp. 19.000, – we have got the big one (unfortunately I forgot to document it because I was tempt and curious about the taste).

Still in the city of Pematang Siantar, the next souvenirs that are no less unique and interesting are enting-enting. The main raw material for this is peanuts and then drizzled with caramel, which is not only suitable for snacks such as candy. To get this important, tourists usually visit the Patent Shop with its legendary ancient buildings.

When I entered the Patent Shop, I was able to taste several kinds of chopped enting for free. Now what I just found out, it turns out that there are a lot of friends like TingTing, TengTeng, TangTang, TongTong, TungTung, PangPang, PingPing and what else, I forgot because there are so many types …

For the address, I’m sorry I don’t know exactly, when I googling it doesn’t appear either. But almost all bus drivers or residents of Pematang Siantar know the Patent Shop and usually if you take a tourist bus, on average all buses stop to take their passengers to rest at the same time to the toilet.

Pancake Durian House Medan

Actually it’s not that hard to get pancakes like in Jakarta or Surabaya. But still, I am curious about the Medan Durian Pancakes, they say it is delicious, it is said that it’s no secret that Medan durian is famous for being very delicious. Durian House in Medan is one of the places for Medan pancake souvenirs that has a genuine durian flavor without essence.

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When I went to the shop, the durian pancakes were placed in the refrigerator. To buy, visitors will be served by a skilled salesperson. One box contains 10 pancakes for Rp. 80.000, – Because of the durian pancakes, for storage you have to enter the freezer which can last about a week. Without the freezer, it only lasts up to 12 hours, so my advice is if you want to buy pancakes at Durian House when you return to your destination. I also bought it on my way to the airport.

And for the taste, don’t ask anymore because it tastes like eating real durian hehehe … legit and chewy. (Typical Souvenirs from Medan Indonesia.)

Famous Medan Cake and Desert

Medan famous cake and desserts

  • February 1, 2021

Medan famous cake and desserts. If you are tired of visiting Medan tours and are already full of culinary delights, then don’t forget to buy Famous Medan cake and dessert. While in Medan I hunt for some Medan cake and desserts which he say was a must be purchase such; as Bika Ambon and Bolu Meranti in Pematang Siantar. Intrigued by Medan souvenirs? let’s read my review.

Bika Ambon

Before coming directly to Medan, I knew that Bika Ambon was a typical Ambonese souvenir. However, Bika Ambon is a cake that is originally from Medan which is usually for souvenirs; name Ambon because this cake is selling on Jalan Ambon Medan. The form of bika Ambon is a brownish yellow cake with holes like pores or spongebob, my son said.

The famous Bika Ambon in Medan is Rika; whose production is make homemade and there is also the Zulaikha brand; both of which are often hunt for being halal. Other brands may taste better due to fermentation or tuak. When I went to Medan, I bought the Rika because of a friend’s recommendation, even though I was also curious about the taste of Zulaikha, next time I have to go to Medan to buy the Zulaikha one.

The taste of Rika Ambon has several variants, such as the original and one box pandan, around Rp. 60.000, – For a legit and soft taste and the aroma is very fragrant.

Bolu Meranti

Bolu is a roll that is widely selling in Indonesia, but going to Medan seems incomplete without visiting and buying a typical Medan souvenir, Bolu Meranti. Compare to other souvenir shops in Medan, I like Bolu Meranti because it has a website and prices that are always update, tourists don’t have to have any trouble getting an overview of these bakery souvenirs.

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The flavors of Bolu Meranti vary, ranging from standard cheese flavors, shredded chicken specials, 3 in 1 rolls and topping with cheese, mocca, pineapple, capucino, peanut or blueberry flavors with prices starting at IDR 65,000 to IDR 85,000. – Although to buy it you have to be willing to queue, but we can make up for it by getting the taste of fresh and soft meranti sponge. What is certain is that even though in our area there is always a cake, but if you go to Medan for the first time, it seems you have to buy Bolu Meranti so you are not curious.

Bali Culinary

Mandatory Culinary Tour in Bali

  • January 29, 2021

Mandatory Culinary Tour in Bali. Visiting Bali, of course, will not miss its unique culinary delights. As a tourist island, there are many restaurants and local culinary delights that must be tried. When I was in Bali, I always looked for culinary places that I had not tasted before. Maybe for those of you who often go to Bali, some of the culinary delights I visited were too mainstream. But for those of you who are visiting Bali for the first time, it seems you must taste some of the following culinary delights:

Laka Leke Restaurant

Located in the Ubud area, Lake Leke Restaurant is a “jujugan” for tourists. When you are in the restaurant area, you can feel the Balinese atmosphere. Starting from traditional music and the atmosphere of Balinese decorations that blend with nature.

I walked along the huts and trinkets made from bamboo. The back of Laka Leke is rice fields, we can sit at an angle between the huts and the sensation on the edge of the rice fields.

There are many choices for the menu, but if you go to Laka Leke, don’t forget the mixed rice. This menu is a local Balinese menu consisting of white rice, lilit satay, shredded Betutu chicken, chili sauce, dry tempeh, boiled eggs, corn bakwan and jukut urap, lawar which is priced at Rp. 40,500, –

Prices at Laka Leke are around 40 thousand and above, but you won’t regret the price offered and the restaurant atmosphere. To eat at Laka Lake, don’t miss taking a selfie, because this restaurant is very beautiful and traditional Balinese style.

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Duck Tepi Sawah

I know, currently the rice field duck has many branches besides Bali. I have also tasted it in Surabaya and Yogyakarta. However, sometimes tasting Bebek Tepi Sawah directly in the center in the Ubud area the sensation will be different.

Bebek Tepi Sawah in Ubud has a traditional Balinese feel. As the name implies, the location of the restaurant is on the edge of the rice fields. The atmosphere is similar to Laka Leke’s, but of course the taste of the food offered has a different taste.

To order a menu, choose the mandatory small portion of Crispy Sawh Edge at a price of Rp. 65.000, – This small portion is so imagined with its minimalist size, for this small size it is quite large and filling. One serving of duck on the edge of rice fields with water spinach with coconut milk and sambal matah.

The sambal matah in the duck on the edge of the rice fields consists of three kinds of chili sauce, namely chili onion, chili grind, and sambal embe which are fried onions and fried chilies mixed with cooking oil without being crushed. To enjoy this very crispy duck, dip it with the chili sauce, so you will feel the sensation of enjoying the duck that is not found in other restaurants. (Mandatory Culinary Tour in Bali)

Balinese Halal Culinary

Balinese Halal Culinary

  • January 28, 2021

Balinese Halal Culinary. Chicken Betutu Typical Gilimanuk, Arriving at Ngurah Rai airport, my stomach was very hungry. The plan is that when you arrive in Bali; you will immediately want to taste Gilimanuk’s Khas Betutu Chicken, which is Kuta chili. Actually, if you don’t want to bother with Gilimanuk’s Typical Betutu Chicken; it’s also at the airport, but how come I really wanted to come to the Tuban branch, Kuta area.

It turns out that the one in Kuta is also very close to the airport, about 10 minutes it has arrived at its location. For the Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk the order doesn’t need to be strange because the typical chicken betutu soup, I ordered the size 1/4 2 portions and my child ordered 1/4 fried betutu chicken. There are several choices for the size of the chicken, namely 1, 1/2 and 1/4. Other menus include duck, satay lilit and mixed rice.

This Gilimanuk Typical Betutu Chicken is super spicy, but if it’s spicy like me, then just order the one that’s not spicy. It’s not just spicy, it makes my sweat spill. One portion consists of chicken in soup, plecing kale, chili sauce and peanuts.

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The taste of this typical Gilimanuk Betutu chicken is similar to Lodho chicken from Central Java. Even though it’s coconut milk but it’s not thick, it’s really fresh if you sip it. The punel rice is dipped in sambal matah with sliced ​​onions and peanuts, so delicious. Actually those who like to eat side dishes instead of rice, it is fitting to order a 1/2 tail for 1 person.

This typical Gilimanuk Chicken Betutu Rice is halal, so you don’t need to be afraid for those who don’t eat pork. Besides that, there are so many branches, it seems that there are always in every area in Bali, even in Surabaya. But still the favorite one at the Tuban branch in the Kuta area, which is also near the center of souvenirs like Krishna.

Bu Oki’s Chicken Rice Halal Culinary Stalls

Looking for halal culinary in Bali is not difficult as long as there is an intention; even in the Nusa Dua area that has to pass the toll road there is a halal culinary which is quite famous; namely Warung Nasi Ayam Bu Oki. I even knew that there was Bu Oki’s Chicken Rice because I saw the famous YouTuber Mark Wiens about Balinese Halal Culinary.

It’s not difficult to find Bu Oki’s Chicken Rice Stalls with the help of GPS. The stall is simple with only a few benches. I immediately ordered complete Chicken Rice, the portions are really cheap, Rp. 20,000, –

One portion consists of white rice, half a boiled egg, satay lilit, shredded chicken, chili sauce and fried peanuts. The typical Balinese satay is grated coconut and minced chicken; although the portion of the satay is minimal; it is swallowed right away; but it tastes delicious. The shredded chicken is just right, there is a sweet and savory taste.

For the chili sauce it also tastes reasonable. I also got a separate lawar. Lawar is a Balinese vegetable that contains long beans, grated coconut and also shredded chicken. Anyway, if you go to Bali you haven’t try lawar, chili sauce and twist satay, it will feel like something is missing.

Apart from the Nusa Dua area, Bu Oki Chicken Rice is also in the Jimbaran area. He said that Jimbaran is busier than Nusa Dua, but for the taste it’s the same. For halal culinary references in Bali, namely Warung Mak Beng and Bu Mangku Kedawetan Chicken Rice are also mandatory. (Balinese Halal Culinary)