Pizza Restaurants

Pizza Restaurants at Jakarta

  • January 27, 2021

Tired of the pizza that are sold in franchise restaurants all over Jakarta? Why not try these classic Italian snacks from shops and even restaurants, which are surprisingly large in Jakarta.

For pizza fans, you can visit this restaurant in Jakarta. Guaranteed you will get a special taste experience !

1. Sliced ​​Pizzeria

Calling American pizza synonymous with Pizza Hut and Domino’s. But in Jakarta, you can find a New York-style pizza restaurant with a slightly different sensation, namely Sliced ​​Pizzeria.

You can choose a serving of one pan full or per piece at this restaurant. The menu that stole the most attention was the Special Truffle, or Carnivor for those who like meat.

What’s even better, if you don’t have the chance to directly visit this pizza restaurant in South Jakarta, you can order using an online motorcycle taxi service, really!

Location: Click here
Operational hours: Every day, 10.00 – 21.30 WIB
Price: Starting from 28,000 IDR per sliced

2. Pizzza Dealer

New pizza restaurant in Jakarta that is starting to hit. Opened in early 2020, the Pizzza Dealer immediately caught the eye because of the creative toppings that were served. The pizza offered is New York-style pizza.

Many menus are offered, as well as the toppings. Glazed, for example, a sweet pizza with cream cheese, a mixture of berries and honey. Can you imagine what it would be like?

There are many other pizzas you can try, including Choked, or pizza topped with anchovies. You can visit directly or order each menu via an online motorcycle taxi, really!

Location: PELASPAS Nipah, Jl. Nipah No.2, No.2, RT.4 / RW.2, Pulo, Kec. Kby. Baru, City of South Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta
Operational hours: Every day, 12.00 – 23.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 25,000 IDR per sliced

3. Pizzeria Cavalese

Want to experience what real Italian pizza tastes like? You can go directly to Pizzerria Cavalese, a restaurant in North Jakarta with charming Italian-style dishes.

Lots of menus to choose from. What’s more, you can choose a pizza menu that is really Italian like Pepperoni Stellata, or a pizza menu with an Indonesian touch, such as Chicken Betutu.

Like other pizza restaurants in Jakarta, apart from eating on the spot, you can also order via an online motorcycle taxi ordering application.


Mall of Indonesia Ground floor unit C1 (lobby 4, RT.18 / RW.8, Klp. Gading Bar., Kec. Klp. Gading, Kota Jkt Utara, Special Capital Region of Jakarta
TB SR, Ruko Green Lake Sunter, Jl. Danau Sunter Selatan No.15, RT.15 / RW.16, Sunter Agung, Tj. Priok, Kota Jkt Utara, Special Capital Region of Jakarta
Operational hours: Every day, 11.00 – 21.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 50,000 IDR

4. Mamma Rosy

One of the authentic Italian pizza restaurants in Jakarta is Mamma Rosy in Kemang. The chef was immediately imported from Italy, Rosa Vignolo.

Many Italian specialties are served at this restaurant, such as Margherita, or The Golosa, or Karnivore. It should be noted, because this pizza restaurant serves an authentic Italian menu, many of the ingredients contain pork. For Muslims, maybe should avoid this restaurant.

Location: Jl. Kemang Raya No.58, RT.8 / RW.2, Bangka, Kec. Mampang Prpt., South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta
Operational hours: Every day, 11.00 – 22.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 160,000 IDR

5. Pizza Maru

Korea also has special pizza dishes, you know! Do not believe? You can go directly to Pizza Maru, a Korean pizza chain that has been around since 2019.

Cheesy Maru Oppa is a must try menu, topped with chicken, mushrooms, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. This pizza also uses healthy ingredients.

But, you can also try Real Chicago Pizza, which offers double mozzarella and sliced ​​cheese, which is certainly really yummy. Besides pizza, you can also choose the Garlic Gangjeong Chicken menu which is no less delicious.

Location: Grand Indonesia East Mall Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1 Tanah Abang, RT.1 / RW.5, Menteng, Kec. Menteng, Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta
Operational hours: Every day, 10.00 – 20.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 75,000 IDR

Travel Culinary in Hongkong

Explore Travel Culinary in Hong Kong

  • January 26, 2021

Explore Travel Culinary in Hong Kong, visiting Hong Kong is an experience that I will never forget. For 5 days, I haven’t had enough to explore all the tours and culinary delights. In Hong Kong I don’t miss culinary, sightseeing and mingling with the local people.

Here are the highlights of Hong Kong if you’re planning to take tour around the city,

The Ding Ding Tram Around Causeway Bay
In Hong Kong I chose to stay at Causeway Bay, a modern area in Hong Kong. Uniquely, in the middle of apartments and malls in Causeway Bay, this tram has still been crossed since 1904. Tramways or Ding Ding Tram are one of the must-ride transportation.

Crossing the Sea By Star Ferry
The Hong Kong region consists of Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, New Territories and Kowloon. When I want to cross to Kowloon from Causewaybay I use the Star Ferry. Taking the Star Ferry is very memorable, especially if at night the lights of Hong Kong look pretty.

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Explore for Halal and Local Travel Culinary in Hongkong

Hong Kong is aggressively promoting Muslim friendly tourist destinations. I found that some halal food in Hong Kong is easy to find. I managed to visit some of these dishes:

Islamic Center Canteen
The canteen which is located inside the mosque is well-known among Muslim tourists. However, many tourists and local residents who are not Muslim are also addicted to dim sum and Chinese food. The low price and many choices made me crazy to order several menus.

Ah Lung
The main menu of Ah Lung which is mostly ordered is chicken curry. This menu is cooked in reddish coconut milk with two chicken dishes. I successfully devoured it because it suited the Indonesian tongue.

Aladin Mess
In Causeway Bay, there are many Indonesian restaurants whose sellers are also Indonesian. But I am curious about Aladin Mess with Indian taste. Located in a narrow building on the 3rd floor, this restaurant is very visitor-friendly. I ordered the briyani rice menu with a jumbo portion.

Egg Tart, Pineaple Bun and Milk Tea
Egg tarts in Hong Kong are a must-try, one of which is the famous Thai Cheong Bakery. The Egg Tart is large, full creamy and crispy and enjoyed hot. I also don’t miss the pineaple bun, which is a local culinary treat in the form of brown bread with butter in the middle, which goes well with Hong Kong milk tea.

Wai Kee Restaurant, Ma’s Restaurant and Chicken On The Run
For those who can’t eat pork, don’t worry, it’s guarantee that you won’t starve. There are so many halal certified restaurants in Hong Kong, my target is Wai Kee Restaurant, Ma’s Restaurant and Chicken On The Run.

Wai Kee
This restaurant is famous for its roasted duck which is unique to Hong Kong’s local culinary delights, he said. Ma’s Restaurant is a restaurant with a Chinese menu, I’m curious about the beef noddle. Chicken On The Run is a restaurant that has just opened in Hong Kong, the main menu is salad and chicken. I really want to try the chicken burger and lemon mayo dressing.

Bandung Forrest

Cafe in the Middle of Bandung Forrest

  • January 25, 2021

Hanging out at the cafe has become a lifestyle for most people and maybe you are one of them. Several cafes in Bandung Forrest sell unique locations as an attraction. Cafes in the forest are an example, and some of them are in the city of Bandung.

The natural beauty of Bandung and the cool air are the right supporters so that these cafes have a lot of fans. We recommend a cafe in the forest which is popular for relaxing in Bandung. If you want to breathe fresh air as well as go on a culinary tour, just stop by one of them!

1. Armor Coffee at Tahura Juanda

Armor Coffee can be a great stopover before you enter the Taman Hutan Raya area or Tahura Djuanda. A seat under the trees will invite you to come right in and enjoy the beauty.

No less beautiful than the existing scenery, so is the presentation of food and drinks at Armor Kopi. You can taste various types of coffee besides snacks such as Bala Bala Manjah or Si Engkong Gowreng. If you are hungry, Karedok rice or mixed sun rice will definitely make you full and satisfied.

Address: Jl. Dago Pakar Utara No. 10, Bandung
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 08.00 WIB – 20.00 WIB, Saturday – Sunday at 07.30 WIB – 20.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 13,000 IDR

2. Foresta Coffee

The exterior and interior decorations at Foresta Coffee are very interesting, so if you are into selfies, this cafe is a must-visit. Don’t be confused about choosing the sitting position you want here! Indeed, all corners of the cafe look cool and are very integrated with the shady trees in Nara Park.

Selected menus such as Cheeze Hot Chocolate, Magnum Latte or Marie Tutung Iced Coffee are waiting for you to enjoy. The combination of the atmosphere and tempting dishes is guaranteed to make you feel at home for long.

Address: Nara Park, Jl. Plan No. 28, Ciumbuleuit, Bandung Forrest
Opening Hours: Every day, 07.00 WIB – 21.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 20,000 IDR

3. Dalemwangi Bed & Brew

Located inside Tahura Djuanda, Dalemwangi Bed & Brew in the middle of a pine forest will make you fall asleep. Whether you want to sit indoors or outdoors, it’s up to you. The natural beauty will be closer if you are outside the room, but the comfortable interior in the room will also inspire you to enter it.

There are various choices of drinks ranging from coffee, tea to spicy drinks like bandrek here. Dalemwangi Bed & Brew offers more snack menus such as cireng or dim sum. But with a very natural atmosphere, you won’t regret coming to this cafe!

Address: Forest Park Complex Ir. H. Djuanda, Dago Pakar, Bandung
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10.00 WIB – 21.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 15,000 IDR

4. Aspasia Coffee

Don’t get bored with pine forests, it’s a huge loss if you don’t visit Aspasia Coffee! The attractive cafe building will make the view of the surrounding pine forest even more memorable. You can use the existing balcony as an Instagrammable selfie spot!

There are culinary varieties ranging from Western to Indonesian menus. Want to eat pizza in the middle of the forest? There are options from meat lover to tuna pizza. Tantalizing archipelago specialties such as cheese fried cassava or meatball boiled noodles are also here. As a companion, various drinks with cute latte art can maximize your dining event.

Address: Jl. Tangkuban Perahu Raya, Cikole, Lembang, Bandung Forrest
Opening Hours: Every day, 09.00 WIB – 18.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 18,000 IDR

5. Tahura Coffee at Tahura Juanda

Another cafe located in Tahura Djuanda is Tahura Coffee. As the name implies, you can do anything from relaxing or doing chores surrounded by various types of trees. All day long, Kopi Tahura is a fun place because the sun rising to setting will create a different sensation.

Food and drinks that make you curious are also offered here. Fried rice, noodles and breads such as jumbo noodles or red velvet toast will keep you chewing. Popcorn cappuccino or dalgona coffee will definitely be hard for you to resist!

Address: Jl. Dago Pakar Utara No. 401, Ciburial, Bandung
Opening Hours: Every day, 08.00 WIB – 21.00 WIB
Price: Starting from 10,000 IDR

Halal food in bangkok

Halal Culinary in Bangkok

  • January 22, 2021

Halal Culinary in Bangkok – Almost every vacation abroad I always take the time to eat at halal restaurants. When compiling my itinerary, I always intend to include some halal culinary delights even though the location is not always close to the tour I am going to. You could say that I also made halal culinary tours as well as very important in the itinerary I compiled. Bangkok is my halal culinary destination this year. Here are two halal restaurants I visited in Bangkok,

Halal Culinary Usman Muslim Restaurant

Usman Muslim Restaurant is in the Sukhumvit area of ​​the BTS Phrom Phong area. From this BTS I still have to walk about 900 meters guided by GPS. With that distance I walked about 30 minutes, it could be more. Amidst the super hot conditions of Bangkok, I stumbled to find this halal culinary. Fortunately, until the location was treated with a small, air-conditioned place.

I was greeted by two women in headscarves who spoke Malay. At that time, there were also two tables occupied by several groups who also spoke Malay. It looks like Usman Muslim Restaurant is a favorite of Indonesians and Malaysians alike. I was then given a thick menu book complete with prices. For a price of around Rp. 30,000, while the drinks are a bit expensive. For example iced tea Rp. 18,000, – and for thai tea Rp. 22,000, – if you want to save money, it’s better to bring water.

Walking quite far makes us quite mistaken ordering many menus. I ordered the mandatory Thai menu, namely fish salad (120 bath), and pad thai (80 bath), while my travel mate ordered seafood fried rice (85 bath). If you drink, order 2 Thai tea and cold mineral water. We spent 405 bath or Rp. 162,000, –

When in Bangkok I had the pleasure of ordering a fish salad. This food uses super crispy fried carp, then there are mango slices and sour sauce. At Usman Muslim Restaurant, you must order a fish salad. My Pad Thai is also delicious with an abundance of seafood pieces. Minus is only the fried rice, because in my opinion the fried rice brother who often passes in front of the house is better.

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Food Center Platinum Fashion Mall

If you go to Bangkok who are really fond of shopping, you will definitely stop by at the Platinum Fashion Mall, which is the center for wholesale goods. After shopping and starving, stop by the food center on the top floor. The Food Center at Platinum Fashion Mall is like the food court in the Mall, there are lots of food choices to suit your taste.

Before ordering food, it is mandatory to exchange money to put it in the food center meal card. There is no card purchase fee and all of the remaining balance can be refunded. Just follow the buying guide at the counter provided, as well as later on the refund there will also be a separate counter.

For halal food, it seems that there is only one counter that I found at number “P5” called “Thai Chicken Biryani” with an Indian menu. I ordered thai fried chicken biryani with Indian biryani rice with crispy flour chicken and also thai chicken biryani with curried chicken. The other thing is I ordered a Thai style tom yam.

the portion of food that I ordered costs 50 bath or Rp. 20,000, – I think it’s cheap enough for food at the mall. Yes, although there are still a lot of food portions at Usman Muslim Restaurant, the Food Center tastes good and doesn’t disappoint. The effect of being hungry is that there are times when everything tastes good and it also makes you miss the message, the portions are rather bad.

That’s the two Halal Culinary in Bangkok, hope this article helps you a lot.

Culinary in South Korea

Culinary in South Korea you must try

  • January 21, 2021

Culinary in South Korea – This culinary journey story in South Korea is a collection of previous articles to make it easier for readers to find my culinary notes while in Korea. The photos differ slightly from one another because some use mirrorles and pocket cameras. Okay, let’s choose which one will be a culinary destination while in Korea.

Tosokchon (토속촌 삼계탕)
For foodies who like to include a culinary itinerary on their trip, surely the name Tosokchon is familiar. This time I purposely left early in the morning so as not to queue up. Tosokchon is famous for its Samgyetang menu.

Surely you know what tteobokki is? Yep, Korean culinary delights with chewy rice cakes. The tteobokki is even better mixed with melted seafood and cheese. At that time I got lost several times because I followed the guidelines from outside bloggers that were not updated. Muksidonna has moved from the previous location, not far from the location and the taste is more spacious.

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Yoogane Dak Galbi (유가 네 닭 갈비)
In Myeongdong my goal was to stop by Yoogane. For those who live in Jakarta, maybe Yoogane is familiar because there are already branches. Unlike me who lives in Surabaya, see Yoogane is something “WOW”.

In Myeongdong there are several Yoogane branches, and all of them are always busy. Entering the restaurant, many visitors can be seen wearing the hijab and Malaysian Malay accent. Yoogane in Korea does not have a halal logo, only “no pork no lard”, there is no pork menu in this restaurant. I was then served by the waitres by setting the stove on the table.

I ordered something strange, namely “Marinated Chicken Galbi” for 8,500 won. This Chicken Galbi contains tteobokki, cabbage vegetables and chicken, how to cook it, stir it together. The waitres will cook the menu in front of us, when it is cooked then we will be welcome to enjoy it.

While waiting for the food to be cooked, we can take as much salad and kimchi as you like. Forget about the kimchi which tastes make me sad, I then took a salad with abundant mayonnaise to my heart’s content. Even happier, there is white rice that we can order with Marinated Chicken Galbi. -Culinary in South Korea

Moscow Culinary

Moscow Culinary Travel

  • January 20, 2021

Moscow Culinary Travel – When traveling, culinary is the most important thing in the itinerary. In my opinion, the peculiar food that is getting stranger makes you satisfied. I have never played safe like tasting Indonesian specialties while abroad. Even when traveling to Russia, especially in the city of Moscow and St Petersburgh, I got a lot of experience tasting Russian specialties which tend not to be filling and taste strange.

Moscow Culinary Travel, What do I eat in Moscow?

Stolovaya No 57
I read a lot of references to Moscow that it is mandatory to visit Stolovaya No. 57, which is located on the 3rd Floor of GUM Mall, Red Square Area. The concept of Stolovaya No. 57 is designed to resemble a canteen. So all the food is displayed on a dietalase, we just have to show it and the staff will collect it. We put the food on the tray, similar to the concept of serving hokben. Don’t worry, there’s a price on each menu, it won’t make a mistake. After being satisfied taking food, then we totalan at the cashier.

If you go to Moscow then you really have to go to Stolovaya No. 57 because the price is cheap and it’s guaranteed that it won’t feel strange.

GUM Ice Cream
From several recommendations that I read on the internet, if you are at GUM Mall, you must buy GUM Ice Cream. The location is on the ground floor with a small stand. It is said that the ice cream there is an authentic Russian ice cream. One cup costs 50 rubles or 10 thousand. The taste itself is similar to gelato.

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Vai Me!
The Vai Me! This is very close to the hostel I stayed in in Russia. Vai Me! This is a restaurant with a Georgian menu that many travelers recommend. To be honest, I don’t have any idea about Georgian food, I saw that the Georgian menu was shaped like a ship’s bread.

Time at Vai Me! You can’t take pictures because it’s for 17 years and over and has beer. But I took some photos and videos before I read the prohibition on not taking documentation.

Khachapuri is the term for flat bread I mean. So in the middle of the bread there are various toppings. For a taste similar to eating a pizza that is rich in mozzarella cheese and there are soft-boiled eggs. But I play it safe and I don’t like soft-boiled eggs, so just order meat and cheese. Our total order ran out for 720 rubles or 150 thousand.

Then there is the Khinkali menu or similar to dim sum, which contains meat, mushrooms and cheese wrapped in dumpling skin. Imagine the taste will be similar to Chinese dim sum food but the taste is really different because there is a really strong taste of ginger, so I prefer Chinese dim sum.

I chose spaghetti, meat omelette, crispy broccoli, fried rice, fried chicken and various fried foods. Anyway, I was really wrong when I was in Obed buffet until I finished 922 Rubles or 190 thousand. The concept of payment at Obed Buffet is all the food is weighed and calculated per gram. So in every storefront there is a price per gram, now at the cashier you can count it. For example, take a lot of spaghetti, just multiply it.

Judging from the comments on Trip advisor, some say that the food at Obed Buffet is not delicious, tasteless or not fresh, but my experience is fine and the taste is suitable for Asian tongues. (Moscow Culinary Travel)

Benefit of coconut

The benefit of Coconut Drinks

  • January 19, 2021

The benefit of Coconut drinks – Coconut fruit is a fruit that is very popular and easy to find in Asia.In fact, coconut drinks is also a drink that is very popular with residents in Malaysia. It tastes fresh and sweet, therefore it suits the weather in Malaysia. Residents in Malaysia usually enjoy coconut drinks during the summer and usually outlets close to the beach sell this coconut water.

Besides being able to produce something from this coconut fruit, it turns out that it also has a myriad of properties that are good for the human body. Generally many people who know coconut drinks is useful for preventing dehydration. In this day and age, there are many food and beverage products made from coconut as the base ingredient that are in great demand.

Content of Coconut Fruit:
Vitamin C
Nicotinic acid
Pantothenic acid
Folic acid.
Okay, let’s talk about the hidden properties in coconut drinks and good for our bodies.

1. Eliminate Dehydration
Coconut drinks has been used to prevent dehydration caused by dysentery, cholera, diarrhea and stomach flu. Coconut drinks electrolyte and plasma balance in several studies is described almost the same as blood. Therefore, after exercising this coconut drinks will really help you to replenish lost body fluids. (The benefit of Coconut drinks)

Benefits of Coconut drinks is indeed well known as an ingredient that can replace minerals that have been lost in our bodies during sports activities. People who work regularly are encouraged to drink lots of coconut drinks to keep the ion balance in their body.

2. Prevents Early Aging
Coconut drinks contains lauric acid and cytokines, two of these important elements that are used in the process of growth and cell regulation. This content has a significant role in anti-premature, anti-carcinogen and anti-thrombotic which can help to minimize skin aging, balance PH levels and maintain skin tissue.

For those who want to have good skin, coconut drinks can ensure that your skin is smooth and radiant. If you drink coconut drinks it can help restore the original moisture to your skin. Dry skin always means broken skin. The skin depends on the lipid layer to fight skin irritation caused by bacteria, viruses and toadstool.

When your skin becomes dry, it will lose its original ability to fight off bacteria. Thus, it can increase the potential for acne growth. Did you know, there are many popular beauty products out there that contain coconut fruit extracts because their skin care benefits have long been proven to be impressive.

3. Good for pregnant women
Coconut drinks is a healthy drink for pregnant women because it can relieve morning sickness and prevent vomiting. Apart from containing electrolytes, calcium, potassium, sodium, coconut drinks also contains Vitamin C which is needed during pregnancy.

4. Reduce Weight
When compared to other drinks, the fat content of Coconut drinks is really low, so you don’t need to be afraid of your weight gain if you drink a lot of times. If you want to drink something other than empty water while maintaining your weight, coconut drinks is an option.

5. Helps suppression
If you always feel bloated and find it difficult to extinguish food, coconut drinks can also help your curing process. This is because coconut drinks contains high levels of fiber which can help and prevent digestive problems. In addition, coconut drinks can reduce the effectiveness of acidic reflux in your stomach.

6. Lowering Blood Pressure
An electrolyte imbalance in the body can cause high blood pressure. Because coconut drinks has sufficient electrolyte content and can be used to balance the electrolyte content in the body.

A study found in the West Indian Medical Journal 2005, shows that coconut drinks can reduce blood pressure levels by 71%.

7. Guarding Blood Sugar Levels
In addition, coconut drinks also contains amino acids and fiber which can help control blood sugar levels. It can also increase insulin sensitivity. Studies show that coconut water has a therapeutic effect on the human body by helping to reduce blood glucose levels.

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Kupang culinary

5 Kupang Culinary Attractions

  • January 18, 2021

5 Kupang Culinary Attractions – Indonesia – East Nusa Tenggara has a beautiful natural charm that is well known throughout Indonesia. Its capital, Kupang, also offers a million charms that travelers find hard to resist. Not only about the beach, the local culinary heritage that is mouthwatering can be one thing that makes your holiday even more memorable.

It’s not valid if you travel to Kupang without tasting its various specialties. For those who will visit Kupang in the near future, here are some references to culinary attractions that must be visited:

Salome Tamnos

For the people of West Java, salome is similar to Cilok snacks. The composition is not much different, namely consisting of flour mixed with meat, both chicken and fish.

The difference is, salome is fried in egg and served with delicious peanut sauce. Interested in tasting Salome Tamnos? Just come directly to the shop which is located in Taman Nostalgia, Kupang. The price is also very affordable, starting at IDR 500 per piece.

Kampung Solor

Kampung Solor is arguably a marine food paradise. This one culinary center is recommended by many local residents for travelers.

Not only serving delicious and delicious seafood dishes, Kampung Solor is also known to have a pleasant atmosphere, perfect for dining with family and friends.

The seafood available here is quite complete, from various types of fish, shellfish, to side dishes such as stir-fry. The price is quite skewed for budget travelers. So, you don’t have to worry about being broken when you eat here. Kampung Solor is located on Jalan Siliwangi, Kampung Solor Village, Kota Lama District, Kupang and is open from 17.00-00.00 WITA.

Tenau Fish Sour Sauce

It’s not complete if a vacation in Kupang without tasting the delicious tenau tamarind sauce. This culinary delights are made from fresh sea fish ingredients combined with various spices that are traditionally processed to produce an authentic taste.

You can feel the sensation of a spicy, sour, and fresh sauce that combines with the soft and savory choice of the selected tenau fish.

One of the restaurants that serves the most delicious tenau tamarind sauce in Kupang is Warung Artis. The restaurant is located on Jalan M. Praja, Alak Village, Alak District, Kupang. The price of a bowl of tenau fish sauce starts at Rp. 15,000.

Warung Sate and Gule Oebufu

This satay stall is one of the most popular in Kupang. With its mouth-watering dishes of processed mutton and chicken, the shop’s visitors even feel at home waiting in line long enough to enjoy a plate of delicious satay. For those who are looking for a satay dish for dinner, just come to Jalan Oebufu, Oebo District, Kupang.

The Kings Entertaining Lifestyle

This classy restaurant and entertainment center in Kupang presents an elegant bamboo ornament concept. The restaurant area is also equipped with the best facilities such as a swimming pool, meeting hall, VIP room, and golf course.

Talking about the menu, you can enjoy Kupang, Nusantara, and international specialties. The Kings Entertainment Lifetsyle is even the choice of place for reunions, meetings, and community gatherings. This exclusive restaurant is located in Namosain Village, Alak District, Kupang City. (5 Kupang Culinary Attractions)

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African Culinary

South African Cuisine

  • January 15, 2021

7 Typical South African Cuisine, All about the Tasty Meat of the Tongue
Among them are adopting from Malay cuisine.

Traveling to a country, typical culinary becomes the second target after determining tourist destinations in that country. Well, here is a list of typical South African culinary delights for those of you who like processed meat. When you get there, don’t forget to enjoy the following seven culinary delights.

Similar to jerky, biltong is dry, seasoned meat. Generally, biltong is made using beef. Alternatively, biltong can also be made using venison or camel.

In their home country, biltong is usually used as a complement to foods such as salads, toppings on pizza, or sandwiches.

Tomato Bredie
In fact, the culinary history of this one still has a Malay element, you know. Although the processing is quite time-consuming, tomato bredie is a typical South African culinary favored by tourists.

Tomato bredie is a stew of mutton and tomatoes with spices that taste very hard on the tongue. When ripe, the tomato bredie has a thick texture. It fits perfectly with warm rice.

Even though it is made entirely from beef, it turns out that boerewors can also be mixed with lamb. Boerewors are full of meat and spices. The way to enjoy boerewors varies.

After grilling, some enjoy it whole with mayonnaise and ketchup like eating steak. It’s also added to sandwiches, pizza toppings, or hot dogs.

Here are another south african cuisine menu

Vetkoek itself is a traditional South African fried bread. Meanwhile, Mince himself is a vetkoek filling made from minced beef. The appearance of veetkoek and mince is similar to a burger. It’s just that this culinary filling only uses mince without additional vegetables such as tomato, cucumber or lettuce slices.

Cooked in a large pot, potjiekoes are made of minced lamb with chopped potatoes, carrots, green beans, and tomatoes. For its own taste, potjiekoes are spicy from ginger and black pepper. Uniquely, during the cooking process. The dough is not stirred, and is allowed to cook and cook on its own.

Well, this South African culinary is adopted from Indonesian food, you know, botok. Made from minced meat, today’s Beratie has been innovated by white immigrants who stopped by in South Africa. Seasoned minced beef, dried fruits (dried apricots or raisins), bread, nuts and egg and milk mixture, put together on a baking sheet and then cooked in the oven. Once cooked, usually bobatie is cut into squares and enjoyed with yellow rice with additional vegetables such as tomatoes or lettuce.

Tempting your tongue, right? Those were seven typical South African culinary delights that were all meat. Even though it’s delicious, don’t consume it in excess! Remember cholesterol. -South African Cuisine

Street food in Amsterdam

Street Food in Amsterdam

  • January 14, 2021

Street Food in Amsterdam – If there are plans for a vacation to Amsterdam, of course, you must taste the special food. There are stroopwafles, bitterballen as well as delicious Dutch cheeses.

Each country has its own typical street food or street food. If it is mentioned one by one, maybe there will be many names of typical Amsterdam snacks that appear. The Netherlands is indeed famous for its cheese, but reported in Wanderlust and lipstick there are several famous street food foods sold along the streets of Amsterdam.

Cookies that are always placed on your cup of tea or coffee, so that the steam can melt this caramel syrup, is one of the favorite foods of tourists every time they visit Amsterdam. You find it easier to find this food because it is usually sold along the streets of Amsterdam and Netherlands. Usually this cookie is made into a sandwich and filled with ice cream in the middle or you can eat it directly. Besides that, you can also make Stroopwafles as souvenirs that are available in shops along the road, especially tourist attractions.

Herring, which is the name of a popular small fish in the Netherlands, is served raw with a sprinkling of onions and pickled cucumber. The salty taste given by Herring fish is due to the fact that before serving the herring, it is covered in salt and allowed to stand for a few days.

It’s incomplete if you come to Amsterdam without tasting the French fries called Frites. Served in a paper cone and eaten using a small fork. This unique food is sprinkled with mayonnaise on top and has tomato sauce in it. If you don’t like mayonnaise, you can use curry sauce, Feta cheese or like popular Indonesian food, peanut sauce.

Usually, bitterballen is served as an apetizer before lunch or dinner, but now it is served as a side dish or snack. These crispy balls are made from seasoned meat spices, then fried.

Leidse Kaas
The Netherlands is famous for its cheese, generally types of cheese such as Komijnekaas (Cheese made from cumin), leidse kaas is a delicious yellow cheese made from the skin of cow and seasoned with cumin, besides this cheese is low in calories.